What Is An NVQ Level 2 In Cleaning?

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February 28, 2021

The Ethical Cleaning Company is not just our name but our nature. We treat our staff the way they should be treated, with the opportunity to pursue an NVQ Level 2 in cleaning (in addition to our own in-house training) free of charge.

An NVQ, A National Vocational Qualification is a work-based qualification that universally recognises that a person has the skills or knowledge needs to do the job. The candidate for an NVQ shows that they are competent in their field.

As an employer:

  • An NVQ in Cleaning gives an effective way to develop staff to a nationally recognised standard which improves efficiency.
  • NVQs prove that a candidate is capable of doing their job. An NVQ is based on what you can do, not what you know!
  • An NVQ offers on the job training and evidence gathering, so the employee learns on the job.
  • An NVQ demonstrates a commitment to quality.
  • an NVQ ensures employees are up to date with best practice and new industry standards.



For an individual:

  • An NVQ in Cleaning offers a flexible route to becoming qualified in the workplace with no examinations.
  • An NVQ offers a practical demonstration of the individual skills, knowledge and understanding.
  • An NVQ in Cleaning offers a certification to demonstrate the individual has met the national standard for an occupational role.
  • An NVQ offers a recognised qualification for employees with no other formal education.


Cleaning and Support Services Skills Level 2 (7648)

The NVQ Level 2 is for experienced cleaners that want to broaden their skills or specialise in a few areas.

There’s three different sizes of qualifications that an individual can get at this level:

  • Level 2 Award in Cleaning and Support Services Skills
  • Level 2 Certificate in Cleaning and Support Services Skills
  • Level 2 Diploma in Cleaning and Support Services Skills.

Individuals complete between one and three core units. There’s more to this, but the basics are:

  • Clean and maintain internal surfaces and areas
  • Clean and maintain external surfaces and areas
  • Clean high-risk areas
  • Clean and maintain soft floors and furnishings
  • Carry out maintenance and minor repairs.

This Level 2 NVQ also covers things like teamwork and communication.

At The Ethical Cleaning Company, we are proud to offer the opportunity to complete an NVQ Level 2 in cleaning, as part of our Three Cares.

Remember, if you need any cleaning services for your business, reach out to talk with us on our contact page.

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