Cleaning: Did You Get The Short Straw?

Cleaning: Did You Get The Short Straw? featured image

June 24, 2020

With the financial pressures over the last decade many SME’s have had to eliminate a number of middle-management positions. The role of Facilities Manager seems to have been particularly vulnerable with many such title holders finding themselves looking for alternative employment. As that position has been removed their responsibilities have been spread around some of the remaining staff.

The responsibility for office cleaning is one such task. Nobody really wants to oversee it – but somebody has to. Whilst people have had these duties added to their workload we find that they usually don’t get extra time to accommodate it. Therefore it becomes more important to find a cleaning contractor that will not only perform their duties to the highest of standards, but also ensure that the person overseeing it doesn’t have to commit much time to it.

That is where we come in. Not only will we ensure that your premises are clean and hygienic, providing a pleasant and comfortable environment to work in, but also do it with the minimum input from you.

In summary we will clean your premises to your satisfaction whilst saving you time and hassle.

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