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Car Dealership Cleaning

We have years of experience in Car Dealership Cleaning, offering bespoke cleaning solutions. We can help your business provide a clean space that allows you to feel proud and showcase your products or service in the best way possible.

Consistently High-Quality Service

We pride ourselves in delivering consistently high-quality cleaning service, just what you need for your business!

The Best Staff

We care about our staff, treat them well, and insist on paying above standard rates, keeping our best staff motivated and engaged. Many other cleaning companies suffer from a very high turnover.  

Ethical Cleaning

We care about the environment, and embrace the latest developments and innovations in cleaning. The equipment and materials we use are entirely safe for the environment – and effective!

Showroom & Car Dealership Cleaning

If you own a Car Dealership, you know that your showrooms will contain multiple cars on display and will hopefully attract foot traffic and increase prospect satisfaction with their buying process. These prospects will have walked through towns and cities, bringing with them dirt, debris and collecting marks on the showroom floor.

New cars will rarely drips fluids and oils on the showroom floor, but will possibly leave dirt tracks across the shiny floors. As you move these cars in and out, these marks and stains will become more apparent, especially to prospective customers.  You, as a car dealership, do not want to distract potential customers from the car brand, and you certainly don’t want to appear filthy!

This of course means that the showroom floors need to be kept clean at all time.

Not only that, outside of the showroom you’ll have reception spaces, carpeted areas like offices or meeting rooms, bathrooms and staff rooms. Each one of these spaces needs a different types of cleaning. Here’s where we come in. The Ethical Cleaning Company prides itself in its many years of experience and commitment to ethical and eco-friendly cleaning.

If you’re a Car Dealership looking to keep your showroom and business clean and attractive for your prospects and increase your sales, you need to talk to us. Click this link to go to our Contact Page, and we can discuss your needs and how we can help you!


Car Dealership Cleaning