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We do things differently.

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The Ethical Cleaning Company was set-up in 2004 by Andy Hare and Peter Beecroft. Andy brought over ten years’ experience in other medium and large cleaning companies to Ethical.

It helped me learn what companies get right and what they get wrong, thus enabling me to develop a cleaning business that operates really well. It was while working for these companies that I was able to pull together the ideas behind what we do now,” Andy said.

Andy heads up an experienced management team. In addition to Peter Beecroft, Graham is a director and Kate an area manager. They’re a heavily client-focused team.

In my previous roles in cleaning and other industries I’ve always been looking for a point of difference. What have we got that others don’t? What separates us from our competitors? What do we do better? What else can we do to be better? I’ve always had an eye on what can give us an edge.

Someone once said to me, ‘All you cleaning companies are the same. The only thing that’s different is the letterhead.’ That really stood out to me and it was the spur that made me want to do things differently. I knew that it could be done better so that’s what I set out to do.

And they do.

Our Business Ethos and Values

A ‘bigger picture’ cleaning company. We work with our clients to enhance their own corporate social responsibility and corporate image.

  • We believe in Quality over Quantity
  • We focus on staff, equipment and materials quality
  • We build long-term, sustainable client relationships
  • We stand at the forefront of technology, we innovate
  • Deliver a consistently high-quality service, will do anything to help and easy to work with.

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Call: 01159253900
Email: info@theethicalgroup.com