5 Reasons We’re Different From Other Cleaning Companies

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March 29, 2021

Someone once said to me, ‘All you cleaning companies are the same. The only thing that’s different is the letterhead.’ That really stood out to me and it was the spur that made me want to do things differently. I knew that it could be done better so that’s what I set out to do.

Andy Hare, Director of The Ethical Cleaning Company

What makes The Ethical Cleaning Company different from other Cleaning Companies? As the name states, The Ethical Cleaning Company aims to go above and beyond with our ethical goals, especially when it comes to the environment, customer service, and staff. We even care about those things so much, we often refer to them as our “3 Cares”!

You can read more about our 3 cares here.

We’re A Cleaning Company That Cares About The Environment

We embrace the latest development and innovations in cleaning. One of those innovations is Electro-Chemical Activation (ECA), a cleaning and disinfecting technology that can easily be made with tap water and salt! It creates no harmful residue, and you could actually drink it! It definitely wouldn’t taste nice, but it would be completely harmless.

ECA is a highly effective detergent that does no damage to flora or fauna, and ALL of our cleaning staff are equipped with ECA technology.


We’re A Cleaning Company That Cares About Customer Service

Staff retention is one of our biggest secrets. Our industry tends to have a high turnover rate of employees, but due to how we look after our staff, they all learn what to look out for in your building. They know what areas get more foot traffic, which windows get dirty quickly, where dust collects, even simple things like where power points are!

We pride ourselves in our area management team. Our area managers might only have 15 clients, whereas other companies will tend to give them up to 60! This means that our clients get A LOT more attention, and are left much happier when we solve problems ahead of time and on quick notice. When you become a client, you’ll be visited at least once a week by the Area Management Team!

We’re A Cleaning Company That REALLY Cares About Staff!

Staff were our most important care from the very start. Staff have been our main focus. We look after them, paying them above standard rates for their work. As mentions earlier, some other cleaning companies have awful retention rates. We have cleaners who have been with us for over 10 years, and some since we started in 2004!

We treat our staff the way they should be treated. With a motivated and engaged team, we ensure that we offer amazing service to all of our clients.

Quality Over Quantity

We don’t take any shortcuts – at all! We do everything the right way. Having hired the best team and making sure that they’re paid and trained well, we ensure that everything is done correctly for your business.

Quality is ALWAYS more important to us!


We ONLY Work With The Right Clients

We won’t work with just anybody! Early on when we get a new enquiry, we make sure that we’re a good fit. It’s important to us that you receive the best service, but it’s also important that we know our staff will be able to work well with your business.

We aim to create long term, sustainable relationships where everybody wins!

At the start of the process, we even use open book costing, so that you know exactly how the charge is broken down. We’re really eager to make sure you’re as happy as we are!



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